BOTTLES TO BEADS is an ethical business that trains and employs village women to produce beautiful glass beads and small glass items in Nepal.

Items are made from discarded glass bottles that litter cities and mountains tracks of Nepal and become a hazard to people and animals. 
Each item is individually painted in the unique style of the artist. All the tools needed to create these products are made by women using everyday objects.

It is not only about recycling. It is about a transformation: From a polluted to a cleaner environment, 
from unskilled and unpaid women to empowered income earners, from broken glass to jewelry and from trash to cash.

These products are made of discarded bottles and broken windows.  They are beautiful to the eye, gentle to the touch and kind to the environment.  With the charming imperfections of handmade products, each item is unique and carries within its every grain the stories of the women who crafted it.

Experience the pleasure of connecting with these stories through these accessories.

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